Copyright informations

Pursuant to the intellectual property provisions, the various items of the Platform, such as logos, trademarks, images, texts, databases, etc. are the property of their respective author and/or owner.

All reproduction, even partial, any transer to a third party, sale or exploitation under any form, is strictly forbidden without prior authorisation of the author or his beneficiaries. It constitutes an act of infringement, resulting in both civil and criminal liability of the pirate.

The Platform’s graphic charter is the property of the Managing Company.

The database indexing the contents of the Platform is the property of the Managing Company.

The navigation on the Platform’s database does not involve in any way the assignment of the database property rights to the User.

Pursuant to article 67 of the law of the 18 April 2001 on copyright, neighbouring rights and databases, the “extraction or re-use of all or of a substantial part, qualitatively or quantitavely, of the content of a database [without the consent of the producer]” and the “extraction or repeated and systematic re-use of non substantial parts of the content of a database, which does not constitute normal exploitation of this database or that would cause unjustified damage to the legitimate interest of the producer of said database” are stricly forbidden.